Full Moon Party Ko Phangan!

Cambodia to Ko Phangan

21st – 23rd January

On the 21st, Jack, Vasco and I got the bus from Siem Reap to the border early that morning. Between the borders there is about a 1km walk from the Cambodian checkpoint to Thailand checkpoint. In between there is dodgy casinos established for the Thai day-trippers. It took about 90 minutes to get through to Thailand, where we got a tuk tuk to the bus stop, and then a minibus to Bangkok. We arrived in Bangkok at about 7pm and the three of us checked in to a 3 bed room at My House Guesthouse on Soi Rambuttri for $5 each.
For anyone who has travelled for some time in Southeast Asia, arriving in Bangkok means two things:
1. Pad Thai for 35 Baht twice a day – thats a little over a dollar for Southeast Asia’s greatest meal
2. Maccas – In communist Laos, Vietnam and underdeveloped Cambodia, fast food hasn’t quite made it, it’s exactly what you feel like after two or three months of rice and spice

After Maccas for dinner, We went to book our bus/boat tickets to Koh Phangan, but Lomprayah (the bus/boat company) said they only had tickets for 1200 Baht, and that the 850 Baht tickets meant going on a dodgy bus with a poor safety record. Jack and I figured we’d just pay the 1200 Baht, but Vasco decided to go the 850 Baht option. The next day at 6pm we got our nightbus to Surat Thani. Somehow, we both ended up on the same bus and the same boat, I was furious!

When we got to Ko Phangan, having already stopped at Ko Samui, it was pouring rain, but the tuk tuk driver didn’t care about putting our bags on the roof to get soaked the whole way to the resort, Cocohuts Bungalows.

Ko Phangan

23rd – 28th January

I didn’t take any photos the whole time I was on Ko Phangan, so I’m a little hazy on the details. Here’s a couple of photos I’ve lynched from the Cocohuts website.

Cocohuts Beach

Cocohuts Beach from the water

Cocohuts is a nice place, it’s a bit weird though because 95% of the guests are from Israel, they all seem to know that this is the place to stay.
Everyone says the few days before the Full Moon Party are better than the party itself, and I have to agree.
The first night Jack, Vasco and I went to dinner with Mattias, who we met in Saigon, and Simone and Claudia from Germany.
The first night we went to the beach early. There are locals lined up in their booths selling buckets all the way along the beach. They all have offensive signs saying things like:

Aussie Fucking Cunt

Aussie Fucking Cunt

We stayed at the beach until the early hours of the morning.
Our days basically consisted of lying around on the beach and near the pool, walking around town, etc. On the night of the 24th, Vasco, Jack, Giulia and Viktor (from Saigon) and I went to same same bar, which is promoted as a scandinavian bar. I swear everyone there is Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. With a bunch of Swedes, including Mattias and Nicholas from Saigon, we went to the Coral Bungalow Pool Party. It would have been great, if it wasn’t such a sausage fest. Jack and I made an early exit.

On the 25th it was Vascos birthday so a bunch of us went out for dinner, and then back to the Same Same Bar. After a few hours we decided to go the the Jungle Party with Viktor, Giulia, Vasco, Simone, Claudia and a couple of other german guys, not to mention all the Swedes. Vasco disappeared pretty early, so Jack went to look for him while the rest of us did our own thing. The jungle party wasn’t really my thing, I think the others felt the same. It was really psychedelic acid trip stuff, so after waiting 30 minutes for Jack to come back (which he didn’t) we decided to leave.
In the morning, I had to make my own way back to Haad Rin. I didn’t realise how far away it was, so I started walking. After about 5 minutes, I hitched a ride on the back of a locals motorbike for 500m, and he pointed me in the right direction. I continued walking, and finally found a tuk tuk to take me for 400 baht, which I thought was ridiculous, but I didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t ridiculous, it was about 20 minutes by tuk tuk, so i’m glad I didn’t walk! When I got back, Sure enough Jack was in bed.
We both asked eachother the same thing ‘where’d you go last night?’
Poor Jack couldn’t find Vasco, then couldn’t find his way back to us as it was a big place, so he got a tuk tuk to the beach, thinking he could find us there. Of course he couldn’t, because we weren’t there, so he went back to the room. The next thing he told me was that he took a bucket home, and it was in the fridge, full, haha!

Finally, the 26th, Full Moon Party was here. It was also Australia Day, but as two of the very few Aussies in our resort, it was the most unaustralian Australia Day ever. We lazed around doing nothing. Later that night we all went to the Same Same Bar, got covered in paint and later went down to the beach. It was insane. I have never seen so many people on the beach, 40,000 with barely room to move.
There was 3 types of people there;
1. Those flipping out on drugs (Mostly Australian)
2. Those high on mushroom shakes; and
3. Those getting loose

Jack stayed at the Same Same Bar until coming down to the beach with the Swedes later, so I didn’t see him until the next day. On the 27th, it was detox time. I had acquired a pretty bad cough from all the drinking and partying, so I went to the pharmacy and got onto antibiotics.

Full Moon Painting

Full Moon Painting


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