Rip Curl Pro: Bells Beach 2013> You’ve Gotta Win it to Ring it!

I attended the final two days of the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. On the 1st April they held mens round 4 in the morning, followed by the womens final between Carissa Moore and Tyler Wright.
Congratulations to Carissa Moore.
carissa moore

On the 2nd April, we arrived at 8.30am and as the event would likely end by midday, entry was free (usually $5 concession).
We saw the quarter and semi finals before watching Adriano de Souza from Brazil and Nat Young from the US battle it out for the Bell.
Congratulations to Adriano. As he was chaired up the beach I got some close up photos, and then saw myself on the television news that night filming him, haha. I’ve also managed to slip into the background of his celebration photo doing the rounds around the world, from ASP World Tour facebook posts to Brazilian Newspapers!!


The Bells Bowl

The Bells Bowl

The Crowd for the Womens Final

Adriano de Souza

Adriano de Souza



There I Am

There I Am


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