Arrival in Tokyo

I arrived at Tokyo`s Narita airport at about 11am on 26th December 2015.

The plane ride was probably the best I`ve ever had. Despite being a budget airline (Jetstar), I had a spare seat next to me and slept fairly solidly for 7 hours (on a 10 hour flight). The remaining time was occupied with dinner and breakfast, typical airline food unfortunately.

After arriving, immigration took me aside from the queue as I must have been the only person with a working holiday visa on the flight. Then they were having trouble processing it because of the apostrophe in my surname (they dont use apostrophes, none on this keyboard!). The immigration officer told me that for the duration of my stay here, I am not permitted an apostrophe!Finally it was sorted and they gave me my residency card.


Once that was sorted I bought a ticket for the Keisei Skyliner, a PASMO card (like a Myki) and boarded the skyliner to Ueno station. from there I touched on with my PASMO and got the subway line to Iriya, which was a five minute walk to Space Hostel. my accomodation for the first few nights in the north of the City.

Took a bit of time out to walk around before checking in at 3pm.




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