100 Days Abroad!!

Today marks 100 days since I left home in Melbourne, Australia!

To celebrate, I thought I would share some statistics of my trip so far, which are also accessible and updated regularly here.

You can also view my route on my site here or on Google maps.

(To 03/04/16)

  • Days since departure: 100 days
  • Distance traveled since departure: 9,790km
  • Cities/Towns visited (1 night minimum): 11
  • Accomodation: (Nights)
    • Couchsufing: 10 (3 different hosts)
    • Hostel: 52
    • Hotel: 1
    • My House : 37 (Minakami, Gunma, Japan)
  • Longest train/bus journey: 8hrs (Kyoto to Tokyo – Bus)
  • Total hours on train & bus (excluding local): 27hrs
  • Longest flight: 10 hrs (Melbourne to Tokyo)
  • Number of flights: 1
  • Total hours flying: 10 hrs
  • Countries visited (total): 17
  • Countries visited (this trip): 1

I also celebrated by Bungy Jumping for the first time yesterday! Video and photos below.


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