I’ve changed jobs! Now Working in Bungy Operations

After three months of working in maintenance and construction for Bungy Japan, I’m now working in Bungy Operations!


Onsite @ Bungy HQ

Dealing with customers, fitting harnesses and assisting them on and off the platform before and after their jumps.

My Japanese has improved more in the last three weeks than in the 5 months prior, and I am now delivering Bungy Jumping instructions in very, very broken japanese, but I am speaking Japanese nonetheless!

Whilst I can deliver the instructions in Japanese, as soon as I am asked a question I get ito a bit of trouble, but there is usually a colleague nearby to help out if the customer and I cannot understand each other.

Some of the most useful phrases I’ve started using include;

Kono Kanji – Like this

Hajimete Des Ka? – Is it your first time?

Doko Kara Kimashita Ka? – Where do you come from?

Gambate – Good Luck!

Ikimashyo – Lets Go!

Sita Minai – Don’t Look Down

Mae Mite – Look Forward

Omedeto Gozaimasu – Congratulations (formal)

Atskare Samadesu – Good Job

Kowai – Scary

Daijo Bu – It’s OK

Mondai Nai Des – No Problem





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