Leaving Japan! The Plan From Here

My last day of work is 28th August! It’s exciting to get back on the road. I’ve got a few things to get sorted before I go. Since I got here I’ve accumulated far more things than I can carry, and I originally packed for winter temperatures which I may not encounter again for months, so I’ll have to decide what to take and what to leave behind. I will also need to get a new data sim card for the last week in Japan to help me get my way around (I’ve been sim free for about two months now).

When I first got the job in Minakami, I was in Osaka, and planning to go to Hiroshima. So I had to cancel my Hiroshima plans and still haven’t been there. My plan from now is to leave Minakami on 29th or 30th of August and make my way to Hiroshima as quickly and cheaply as possible, by bus, local train or maybe hitchhiking, which I’ve never done before.

I’m still deciding how to get there, because its generally an overnight bus to Osaka and then another 6 hours or so on local train to Hiroshima, so I might end up staying one night in Osaka before getting to Hiroshima.

After one or two nights in Hiroshima, I’ll make tracks to Fukuoka, again I am unsure how, and spend a few nights there before going to Korea, which I’d like to do by boat on my birthday (September 6th).

My time in Japan is quickly coming to an end, which is sad, but I also feel like I’ve done a lot while here and I am ready for the next adventure.


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