Busan, South Korea

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was a bit of a culture shock arriving in Korea after so long in Japan. I had five days planned here but lay low for the first two days. The second night I met up with a couple of Korean friends which gave me a good opportunity to practice my pronunciation of essential Korean words (Annyeong Haseyo – Hello, Gamsahapnida – Thankyou, Juseyo – Please).

I met these guys in Nara all the way back in February, before I started working for Bungy Japan, and they said when I come to Busan, to send them a message. None of us thought it would be 6 months down the track, but when I sent them the message they were happy to meet up! So we went to a market in Nampo, had a Korean style pizza, and then Korean style fried chicken.

It was a good introduction into Busan and Korea, and definitely what I needed to get me going.

The next day I met up with Tangmo (or Mo for short) from Thailand, who I had chatted with on Couchsurfings ‘hangout’ feature a few days prior. We met up at Yangyeon and caught a bus to Songjeong beach, then a train to Haeundae Beach, and finally to Gwangalli Beach where we watched the bridge lights come to life.

My friend Max, who I had met in 2012 in Laos and stayed in touch with ever since put me in touch with a friend of his from his days of English teaching in Busan (After Busan he went traveling in SE Asia, where we met). So I met up with Josh who also had some couchsurfers staying with him and we went to a bar in Gwangalli for a few beers and dinner.

The next day I went to the train station to book my high speed train ticket to Seoul for the following day (Saturday, September 10) and also checked out the UN Cemetery, which is the only cemetery managed by the UN in the world (it is from the Korean War).


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