Changing Plans, Korea direct to Mongolia!

I’ve decided to change my plans a bit. Originally I wanted to travel from Korea by Boat to China, then by China to Mongolia and back into China ALL OVERLAND.

But I’ve decided it’s just not worth it for me. The train from Beijing to Ulaanbataar is 25 hours each way. I think it would be stupid for me to do that twice. I thought it might be a good part of the adventure to try to avoid flying, but I’d rather spend more time in places I want to be, than in places I have to be to make this work. I mostly came to this decision based on being a bit lonely in places like Busan, where there’s tourists but not so many in the same mindset as myself. Places in between the major destinations I figured would be similar, hence the change of plans.

Here is my original plan:


And my new plan:


Now I’m Seoul, so its off to the Mongolian embassy to try and get this visa! After which I’ll try to get my Chinese visa here also!


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