I must admit, Shanghai didn’t amaze me.In fact, I was disappointingly underwhelmed with the city.

I think it would be a decent place to live, but as a tourist I just didn’t enjoy it so much. I felt like there wasn’t a whole lot to do, there wasn’t a backpacker area like there seemed to be in Beijing, and the nightlife seemed to be a choice of two extremes; free entry and drinks in expensive clubs that use foreigners as an attraction for locals, or incredibly expensive drinks in areas around the Bund. I’m sure I’m missing a lot of the things in between, but this was my experience. Also, the free entry and drinks to clubs (and the one I went to in particular) sounds much better than it is. It just didn’t feel like a fun environment.

For most of my stay in Shanghai I stayed at Blue Mountain Hostel in The Bund. It is a cool hostel, but just didn’t have a great vibe. That said, after a few days I did meet an Iranian guy and a British guy named Matt, and the three of us went to the club for free drinks together. A day or two later Patrick who I’d met in Ulaanbaatar a few weeks earlier arrived at the same hostel, so we had a few days hanging out together. But mostly I didn’t do much other than visit The Bund.

After a not so fun experience in Shanghai, I decided I didn’t have the motivation to push on in China. It is a real battle to travel here, the culture difference is so extreme, the people are disinterested for the most part and the language barrier makes everything difficult. I also noticed on Instagram my friend from Vietnam (2014-15) Bond

With Taiwan and South-East Asia calling, I was very happy to book a flight to Taipei and flew out on the 27th at 8am on no sleep.


The Bund by Day


The Bund by Night


2 responses to “Shanghai

  1. What a pity!
    China is a continent and you will find Shanghai to be but just the navel on its belly (actually it looks like that on map of China). Scratch deeper and you’d find much more to see and do in China!

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