Koh Lanta in Three Days

I caught a boat, bus and minivan to get from Koh Tao to Krabi, a gateway to the islands in the Andaman Sea. Whilst in Krabi I met thee German girls who were planning to go to Koh Lanta the following day. The four of us bought our minivan tickets and went to the Krabi Night Market for dinner.

The minivan cost us 300 baht each, which was supposed to take us to our hostel, but the driver insisted on dropping us off at Khlong Nin, still 20 minutes drive from Ao Kantiang, where we were staying. After arguing for a bit, sensing it wasn’t going to get us anywhere, we gave up – still feeling pretty pissed off. We managed to get a ride the rest of the way for another 250baht total.

We arrived at @ Lanta Hostel, and went to check out the very small town and beach.

Ao Kantiang

The second day in Koh Lanta, we rented two scooters between the four of us (220 per scooter) and rode down to the National Park on the southern tip of the island (200 baht entry), where there is a lighthouse on a cliff between two bays and a hiking trail.

After the national park we went north, as far as Khlong Khong, before returning to Ao Kantiang. I was trying to convince the others to come to the Full Moon Party at Khlong Khong, but they decided against it. I found two Norwegians to share a lift there with, and had a big night, not getting home until 6am.

After a few hours sleep I went and booked a ticket back to Krabi for 12 noon.



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