Malacca/Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka (British spelling Malacca) struck me as quite similar to Georgetown

Melaka is an old trading Port, colonised by the Portuguese, British and Dutch at various times throughout its history. It was an important point being the narrowest point of the Malacca Straits.

The history can be seen in the old town, where colonial buildings and narrow streets house tiny cafes and restaurants. Malacca, like Georgetown, has amazing food.

I caught a bus to Malacca from KL for only 12 Ringgit. It’s a 2 hour journey, and on arrival at the bus station (out of town), I caught a local bus (no. 17) into town, where it dropped me off in the Dutch square and I walked to my hostel from there.

I went to the number one restaurant on Trip Advisor for lunch. The Nyoma Laksa at Straits Affair was delicious. Then back at the hostel I met a German girl who was going to the Mosque for sunset, so I tagged along. The Mosque sits out over the water, and we were also treated to a lightning show out on the Ocean.

We met another guy out there, Alec, who was staying at the same hostel, so the three of us went out for dinner an drinks when we got back to Jonkor Walking Street. I was actually really surprised how quiet Malacca was, though it was a Tuesday and it’s notoriously quiet on Tuesdays (many shops are closed).


The next day Alec and I hired a couple of bicycles and rode out to the Portuguese are, past the old ruins. There wasn’t actually much to see out there, though it was interesting to see the houses that the descendants of the Portuguese live in. They are heavily decorated with crosses and christian statues. The people even speak a language called ‘Cristobal’, I believe its an old Portuguese dialect.

On the ride back to town Alec and I decided to visit a shopping mall for lunch. We ended up watching the movie ‘Life’ at the cinema there as well. We finished off the night with a few beers, and I returned to KL for one night the next day before heading to Singapore (that’s another story!).



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