Singapore Slinger

Getting In

I got a really cheap bus (40 ringgit?) from KL to Singapore on 7th April 2017. In KL I caught the subway to TBS, and the bus departed from there at 12 noon. It was a pretty easy journey, the only catch being in Johor Bahru I had to change buses to one going to Little India in Singapore, rather than Woodlands.

It didn’t take long for me to clear Malaysian Immigrationor Singapore Immigration, once through it was back on the bus and off we went. I arrived at my hostel, Bunc Hostel in Little India around 7 or 8pm and had a quiet night.


The border crossing from Malaysia to Singapore

Marina Bay Sands & Supertree Garden

I went to check out the Supertree area and Marina Bay Sands on the 8th April. Being a construction nut I’ve seen all the TV series about the Marina Bay Sands construction but it’s no less impressive up close. The supertree garden was also pretty cool, and I only wish I had a chance to see the whole area at night as well.


I met up with Curtis from Couchsurfing hangouts at Marina Bay and we went to Chinatown for lunch together. That night I went out for dinner at Newton Hawker Centre, cheap and delicious food and cheap beer (by Singapore standards).

Couchsurfing (well, not exactly)

Serx, An Austrian guy I met in Taiwan in November 2016 had told me to get in touch when I arrived in Singapore, where he was living. When I arrived, he was in Japan but he arrived back in Singapore on the 8th and invited me to stay with him in his apartment, which was really nice. With my own room I was able to chill out for a few days  and we also had a good night out and and few drinks together in his apartment one night as well. Because I was so comfortable there, I could have stayed much longer, but I would have just been chilling out and wasting time. So I got on the front foot and booked my flight for the 11th to my next destination, Nepal.


It has been an amazing 3.5 months in South East Asia, since 24th December 2016 – 11th April 2017, now its on to the next adventure!



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